Polymer container PK30

PK30 / Capacity: 3 l / PCS per pallet: 2800
Class B and C medical waste is hazardous, as needles, scarifiers, ampoules and scalpel tips can be contaminated with infections. Therefore, special containers PK30 with a volume of 3 liter are used for their collection. These containers for the collection of class B and B medical waste ensure safety for staff, as well as the maintenance of cleanliness and order in various types of medical facilities.

When choosing the most optimal variant of medical waste container, attention should be paid to their parameters and characteristics:

  • the specific purpose of the specialized container;
  • specific type of containers;
  • overall dimensions of the container;
  • the material used for manufacturing the container;
  • the type of construction that best ensures the tightness of the container.